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How do I Sell My iPhone?

How can I sell my iPhone at the best price possible? This is a question that some people ask when it comes to selling of the old iPhone to get the latest model. Although you are selling your old iPhone so that you can buy the latest model, you still want to get the best money for the value of your iPhone. This is why you should know how to sell your device to ensure that you do not feel that the buyer has ripped you off later.

Unlock the iPhone

Selling an iPhone that can be used on any carrier or anywhere is likely to attract more buyers and sell at a higher price. This is because an unlocked iPhone can be used in any region and by anyone. Such a phone is likely to attract resellers and travelers who usually operate internationally. Therefore, if the iPhone that you want to sell is locked to a given carrier, make sure that it is unlocked before you present it to prospective buyers. The cost of unlocking your iPhone is worth because unlocking your device will enable you to increase its resale value.

Backup the phone

Before selling your iPhone, ensure that you have backup the data in it. This is the only way you can ensure that your data is secured and safe. Once you get a new iPhone, you will be able to restore your data to the new iPhone. You can backup data using iCloud automatically. However, you can perform a manual backup to ensure that everything is updated.

Erase personal data

Are you still asking, how do I sell my iPhone? Then you have most probably not thought about what you need to do before selling the iPhone. It is important that you erase all data in the iPhone that you want to sell. This is very important because the data in your iPhone can be used against you, friends and relatives if it gets on the wrong hands. Therefore, erase all data in your phone before you sell it.

Clean its casing

Remember that the look of your iPhone is very important and it will determine who will be interested in buying it. Therefore, take time to clean the phone from the outside. Ensure that you have removed all oil, lint, dirt and other stains as well as debris from your iPhone. This is important especially before taking photos that you will post as part of the description of the iPhone that you will be selling.

Sell the iPhone

Once you have backed up data, erased it and cleaned the device, it is now time to sell it. Make sure that you have all accessories of the iPhone with you. This includes cases and cables. When selling the iPhone, you have several options to consider. Be ready to hassle because the less the work you do, the lower the amount of money you get from the phone. Therefore, instead of asking where do I sell my iPhone conduct some research of the market when certain that your device is ready for the market to identify the best place to sell it.

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