iphone 5 sell

iPhone 5 Sell

It’s been close to close to 3 years now since the iPhone 5 was launched, and just the same way the phone was popular when it was first released, the iPhone 5 continues to be popular among many smartphone users. But what still makes iPhone 5 sell? In order to find answers to this question, you need to consider 5 features that make this phone unique.While some of these features may be hidden, others are more obvious. Nevertheless, both the hidden and the obvious features can help iPhone 5 users do more with the phone without the need for buying any third-party apps or additional iPhone 5 accessories.


Taking Photos as you Record Video

One lesser known feature that makes iPhone 5 sellis that iPhone 5 can let you take a photo and record video without stopping. Most people are surprised to find that this feature is unique to iPhone 5. Although this mode does not support a full resolution photo, it is still great for capturing special moments on photo and video at the same time.

Enjoy Better Reception

The iPhone 5 also feature Long Term Evolution, which delivers extremely high download speeds. However, LTE can cut your phone’s battery life substantially and in some cases leave you with a phone that will not connect completely. On a recent trip to New Jersey for instance, a friend turned off the LTE function and went from no signal at all to full 3G coverage. This feature makes iPhone 5 sell because it transformed the phone from an unstable LTE smartphone to a reliable 3G signal.

Allow Special Callers to Bypass Do not Disturb

The “do not disturb” feature is a very convenient way of blocking incoming calls or texts. However, it is hard to stay offline all day when you have to be available to your spouse, kids or boss. Fortunately, it is easy to allow certain users to pass through the “do not disturb” feature while keeping all the unimportant people at bay.

Automatic Wi-Fi Backup

With the iPhone 5 there is a special feature that allows you to forget about paying for some additional iCloud storage. You can automatically back up the phone to a PC or Mac using iTunes and Wi-Fi. Once you have enabled this setting, the phone will back up to your local PC as soon as the PC is turned on. The iPhone will connect to the same Wi-Fi network and it is plugged in.

Open Apps Using Siri

The iPhone 5 comes with Siri, which enables users to set appointments, make calls and sent text messages, but Siri can do a lot more than that.One of the most amazing Siri features in iPhone 5 is the ability to open even apps. Although some apps may fail to open when the phone is locked, users can still launch any app using their voice. This comes in handy when driving and exercising.

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